• Refilling Your Safety

    We provide the quick service to refill the clean agent; Novec 1230, FM-200, Carbon Dioxide, Naf S125 and Halon 1301 agent Cylinder Recharging

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  • Advanced Fire Safty

    The successful extinguished fire is not at all but we have to prioritize the safe lives and properties as well.

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  • Extinguishing through design

    I.S.E. does the fire extinguished design follow the principal standard.

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  • Safe Lives & Properties

    All fire safty products must be approved by the trusted organizations who are the expertises in the fire extinguised field. I.S.E. has the expertise staffs to install, design and consult the fire extiguishing.

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  • Cost Effective

    With our experience over than 10 years, we provide the fire extinguishing, protecting and preventing solution with high effectiveness, optimized eco system, easy maintenance and saving costs.

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Who we are

We promise that your business and property must be safe from blaze by the standard fire extinguished system which include the high quality of material and the international standard installation and maintenance from our expertise who have the certification.

Our company was found by the business of the fire extinguished system. We provide the services of designing, installing, maintaining system with our fire protection professionals who have the experience over 30 years and the fire protection certification of world standard.

Our company realizes the high important of the standard fire extinguished system which must be safe the lives and properties in the building and the business as well. So our service is the designing fire extinguished system with considering the relevant information for instances, usage type of fuel in the building, environment around the building, etc, when we collect the complete information then we proceed to design and install the standard fire extinguished system by getting agreement with customers. Our agreement is to make sure the safety of properties of customers from blaze and the business still can be continued.

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Experience over 30 years
Extinguishing Design
Consulting & Supporting